3 Low-Downtime Cosmetic Treatments to Get You Back in the Summer Sun Fast

From family get-togethers to backyard barbecues with friends and family, summer is the time of year when everyone has a packed social schedule. You want to enjoy every moment of the longer days and warmer weather, but you also want to look your best while doing so. Here are our top treatments for getting you back to your fun in the sun with minimal recovery time. 

Facial Treatments

Summers in your childhood where all about swimming, riding bikes, and playing outside all day. Now, as an adult, you might be searching for a way to reverse the sun damage you accumulated in the summers of your youth. Luckily, there are plenty of facial treatments that go to work on erasing the fine lines and discoloration that characterize sun-damaged skin. You can make the most of this season with smoother, brighter, healthier-looking skin under the care of our licensed esthetician. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about a lengthy recovery time causing you to miss out on cookouts, baseball games, a loved one’s wedding, or the annual neighborhood block party your neighbors’ hosted.


Don’t let wrinkles ruin your perfect summer selfie. Fillers can help improve areas of lost volume, as well as forehead furrows, crow’s feet, and the lines that bracket your mouth. Our cosmetic surgeons personally perform all injectable treatments, relying on their comprehensive knowledge of facial anatomy to create a customized experience. With these procedures, you can enjoy a younger appearance and an improved self-image, with minimal downtime and zero activity restrictions. If your aging appearance has been holding you back, but you don’t have time in your busy schedule for a facelift, facial fillers are here to save the day.

Eyelid Surgery

Are you tired of looking tired? Aging skin around the eyes can cause well-rested people to have heavy undereye bags and drooping eyelids. A straightforward procedure called blepharoplasty can refresh your look and make your eyes look brighter and more alert. People will once again see you as approachable and friendly, instead of sleepy, angry, or sad. You can choose to have your surgeon lift your upper eyelid, lower eyelid, or both. Most people who have eyelid surgery take about a week off to recover, which means you can be back to your normal routine just in time for your next summer adventure.

How to Spend Your Summer Vacation

Summer means more time to enjoy life at your pace. Whether you are going on a long road trip, a beach getaway, or planning a long-awaited class reunion, you want to be open to any possibilities this season throws your way. There’s no time like the present to explore your options for maximizing this summer, even if you’re on the go. 

Whether you’re considering one of these low-downtime cosmetic procedures, or any of the other treatment options we offer at The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery, we are here to help you decide on the best choices for you. We believe your aesthetic treatments should fit into your lifestyle and schedule, and we are here to help you meet your goals and love your look. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at either our main office in Baltimore or our satellite office in Columbia.