3 Steps to Take in Fall 2019 to Guarantee a Banging Body in Spring 2020

Have you been dreaming of getting a toned, trim silhouette? Perhaps you’ve recently lost weight and now you have uncomfortable areas of sagging skin. Or, maybe you had a baby and are eager to restore your pre-childbirth shape. Cosmetic surgeries such as a thigh lift and tummy tuck can go a long way toward helping you meet your aesthetic goals, but how do you ensure you’ll get results you’ll love? Here are our top three tips.

1. Only Work With a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Earning board-certification is a hallmark of any doctor’s commitment to upholding the highest possible standards of medical ethics and patient safety. To attain board certification, a plastic surgeon must pass a series of challenging exams and commit to ongoing education in the art and science of their craft.

If you’re considering surgically altering any aspect of your appearance, it’s essential to verify that your chosen surgeon is board-certified. The ongoing popularity of cosmetic procedures has led to some underqualified doctors misrepresenting themselves as having more experience than they really do. That’s why it’s worth putting in the time to do your homework and find a talented, trustworthy doctor who has extensive training in the procedure you’re considering. 

2. Understand How Long It Might Take to See Your Results

After getting cosmetic surgery performed, it’s normal for people to be eager to show off their new and improved selves. However, you should have realistic expectations for how long it might take to fully recover and heal from cosmetic surgery. The results often reveal themselves gradually. 

For example, with a procedure like liposuction, it can take up to six months before you will be able to enjoy your final outcome. With an arm lift, you can expect to wait between four and six months to see your full results. Be patient and allow your body to heal at its natural pace, which doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re looking to get cosmetic surgery as part of your preparations to look your best for an event such as a wedding, vacation, or class reunion, plan accordingly.

3. Commit to Maintaining Your Shape

Body-contouring procedures can be life-changing, but you’ll need to be willing to put in the work to get the full rewards. While a surgery like liposuction can remove some amount of stubborn body fat, that doesn’t mean the fat will never return. 

After cosmetic surgery, you are responsible for how long you continue to look and feel your best. Once your doctor clears you to resume your exercise routine, jump back in and stick to it. Many of our patients report a renewed sense of motivation to eat a balanced diet and take better care of themselves after undergoing plastic surgery to get the shape they’ve always wanted but couldn’t achieve on their own. 

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