3 Way to Get Your Silkiest legs for Spring

Spring is almost here, and before you know it winter coats will be packed away. With the changing seasons comes warmer weather, sunnier skies, and the chance to start showing off a little leg in skirts, dresses, and (soon enough) shorts. Before you can fully embrace springtime, it’s important to start getting those legs ready.

All year round, it’s critical to take care of your skin, but with winter quickly fading, now is better than ever to consider treatments that can give you your best, smoothest glow. Whether you’ve taken off from shaving for the season and let those leg hairs grow or been meticulous throughout these winter months, your legs probably need some serious TLC. Cold, dry weather can irritate the skin and leave you looking cracked and scaly.

Below we’ve got the most important tips to keep your legs look silky and smooth before it’s time to hit the beach.

1. Level Up Your Shaving Game

One of the easiest ways to help your legs look amazing is to perfect your shaving technique. Using a dull blade, or just haphazardly going at your legs can irritate skin (and in the worst case, cause gashes).

Before you even start to shave your legs, its best to soak in warm water for a minimum of three minutes. This softens the hair follicles and opens your skin’s pores. Next, apply a gentle shaving cream and shave in the direction your hair grows. Shaving against the grain can cause ingrown hairs and irritation. If you’ve been using the same razor for weeks, the time has come for a fresh blade. Experts recommend swapping your blade after six shaves for optimum comfort and ease.

Though there are a lot of razors on the market, try splurging on a little higher end razor like the Gillette Venus. Your skin will thank you.

2. Upgrade Your Shaving Cream and Moisturizer

Even though shaving cream only stays on your body for a few minutes at a time, some name-brand shaving creams contain harmful ingredients that can lead to red bumps and dryness. Though warm water helps make your shave easier, open pores mean shaving cream can penetrate deep into your skin.

Some of the most important ingredient to avoid include:

  • Sulfates
  • Glycols
  • Palmitic acid
  • Triethanolamine (TEA)
  • BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)
  • Isopentane
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene

These ingredients, while technically “safe” to use while shaving may be toxic and linked to skin problems or even hormonal disruption. We recommend switching to all-natural shaving cream to help your skin look and feel its best. Check out products that use coconut oil, shea butter, and other organic/botanical ingredients to get that glossy finish you’ve been wanting.

After you finish shaving, you’re not finished! Even with moisturizing all-natural shaving cream, your legs will be hungry for some added moisture. Again, stick to the natural route and look for a moisturizer or lotion from a trusted brand. For the DIY lovers, you can use organic coconut oil found at the grocery store.

Coconut oil is packed with vitamins, minerals, and lauric acid (a natural and non-greasy moisturizer). Plus, as coconut oil is naturally anti-bacterial it helps prevent ingrown hairs. If you want to avoid oil, shea butter works wonders, too.

3. Consider More Permanent Solutions – Laser Hair Removal

After years of shaving, waxing, moisturizing, bending over in the shower, and trying to stay ahead of itchy stubble, some people decide enough is enough. At the Maryland Institue of Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer permanent hair removal solutions to keep your legs smooth and shiny–for good.

Laser hair removal has become a favorite method amongst doctors and patients, thanks to its safety, efficiency, and ease. All over the nation, people are saying goodbye to unwanted hair using the science of targeted light pulsation. By focusing energy on your hair follicles, your doctor can slow future hair growth while leaving your skin healthy.

The procedure specifically targets the melanin in your hair follicles, and as such people with darker hair and lighter skin tend to see the most significant results. However, modern advances in technology have made laser hair removal almost equally effective for people with darker skin tones.

Another big benefit of laser hair removal is its versatility. Not only can you get rid of leg hair, but your doctor can also target unwanted hair in the underarms, upper lip, back, ears, chin, and bikini line. If you’re ready to stop shaving and enjoy silky, smooth legs all year round, consider laser hair removal.

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