5 Aesthetic Options After Breast Implant Removal

We all change, as individuals and as a society. Our tastes in what’s fashionable, what feels right, and what fits our lifestyle can transform in just a few years. If you’ve recently been feeling like now’s the right time to mix things up and remove your breast implants, we can help.

Our team of expert board-certified plastic surgeons has extensive experience working with women of all ages, body types, and breast sizes to create stunning results after implant removal. Whether you’ve decided you want to change your look, have been experiencing increased neck/back pain or discomfort exercising, or have found yourself with an unexpected complication from your initial augmentation, there’s a range of options to help you look and feel your very best.

Whatever your unique needs are, we can accommodate them. Our surgeons will work with you to achieve the natural-looking and -feeling breasts you want post-explant — here are the five most popular, efficient, and effective options available.

1. Fat Transfer

Fat transfer goes by several names, including fat grating or lipoaugmentation, and is one of our (and our patients’) favorite options after implant removal. A recent clinical study found both doctors and patients alike preferred the results of fat transfer to secondary implants following explant surgery.

What makes fat transfer so unique? First and foremost, because lipoaugmentation uses your body’s natural fat tissue, you won’t have to worry about implant upkeep or any foreign objects in your body. What’s more, because your surgeon needs to harvest the fat cells for augmentation via liposuction from trouble areas like the thighs, abdomen, or love handles, you’ll see the benefits of both a slimmer figure and a new, beautiful breast contour.

This technique is best for women hoping to see a natural-looking, but subtle, enhancement following implant removal. Lipoaugmentation doesn’t have the same ability to provide drastic multi-cup breast enhancement like traditional implants. However, if you’re looking to get back breasts that are lighter, easier to manage, and made up of entirely natural tissue, this could be the perfect option. We can also combine lipoaugmentation with a breast lift for greater customization and an even perkier contour.

2. Breast Lift

After years with your implants, your skin changes. For the vast majority of patients after implant removal, if left unaddressed, the significant reduction in volume can lead to looser skin and sagging. Especially if your skin is naturally less elastic, it may not be able to contract.

The size fluctuation can also impact the look of your areolas and nipples. What looked great on your larger breasts might look a bit out of proportion after explant. A breast lift can address both of these conditions while providing a younger, firmer breast appearance.

This technique does require incisions (and thus some scarring). Depending on your desired results and the method your surgeon uses, though, the pattern can vary greatly and will fade over time. A vast majority of patients say their new breasts and perfectly proportioned nipples are well worth it.

3. Implant Swap

For women who love their implants, but feel now’s the time to mix up their breast cup size, an implant swap can increase or decrease your breast shape and volume quickly and with minimal necessary downtime.

Your surgeon will both remove your current implants and insert your new set using the same incision site as your initial procedure. This approach causes no additional scarring whatsoever, and as the implant “pocket” is already healthy and established, you can expect the recovery to take considerably less time and be more comfortable in comparison to your first breast enhancement.

4. DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

DIEP flap breast reconstruction is a great option to restore fullness and symmetry after implant removal or mastectomy. Your surgeon uses the body’s natural tissue (usually taken from the thighs or back) and carefully places it to create natural-looking and -feeling breasts.

5. Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is another option, quite similar to a breast lift, that can provide exceptional outcomes for women looking to downsize. After your implant removal, we can remove a small amount of tissue to create a slimmer, firmer breast contour. Breast reduction is perfect for women hoping to reduce discomfort during exercise or back pain caused by their breast augmentation.

Learn More About Explant Options

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to remove your breast implants, now is better than ever. Modern techniques and surgical advances have opened up a whole new realm of safe, beautiful, and lasting breast reconstruction options.

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