Is Bigger Better? Your Guide to Breast Implant Sizes


Just how big do you want to go? You’ve already decided on enhancing your breasts, so the next step is finding the right size for your breast implants. Along with a million different choices you’ll have to make, finding the right size of implants is crucial to finding your perfect new look. We know it can be confusing, so we’ve created this handy guide on how to find the perfect breast implant size.


The Right Fit for Your Body

Logistically speaking, it’s essential that your implants fit perfectly with your natural anatomy. That means your implants should be narrow enough to fit inside your natural breast tissue and look balanced and proportional on your chest; meaning, they shouldn’t be so wide that they look crowded on the chest or start falling off to the sides. It should also be small enough that your natural breast tissue can cover it completely without too much tension.

How to Measure Breast Implant Sizes

It might seem like finding the right size of breast implants is as easy as picking a cup size, but there’s so many factors that go into finding the perfect size for you. You should know that there’s no standardized cup size, so it’s not an accurate measurement to convey to your doctor. Instead, doctors measure implants using measurements like profile, diameter, and volume. Volume is how much filling is in the implant, diameter is how wide the implant is, and profile is how far the implant will jut out of your chest. Finding the right combination of these three measurements is the key to finding the perfect implant size, but with the right choices you can have a look that you’ll treasure for years down the line.


The Right Fit for Your Personality

Ultimately, what matters is whether your implants fit with who you are. Finding what looks good on you is more than a matter of aesthetics; your breast implants should fit with your frame, your personality, and even your lifestyle. When you find a size that works well with all these parameters, then you’ve found the perfect size of implants. If you have an outgoing personality you might want some dramatic implants, but if you tend to be a lot shyer it might be good to have a subtle change. You might also have a very athletic lifestyle, which means you should find a size of implants that won’t interfere with your exercise or weigh you down.

Now that you know about the logistics and philosophy of choosing the right kinds of breast implants, your next move should be making a consultation with an amazing plastic surgery practice. Contact the Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery now, for a consultation.