What Facial Areas Can Be Treated with BOTOX®?

There is no secret to avoiding wrinkles. As early as age 20, you could start seeing horizontal forehead lines appearing on the mid-to-upper forehead caused by habitually raising the eyebrows. While you probably noticed them the first time in the mirror, you now find them distracting while video-chatting with friends, colleagues, or even customers. In… Read More »

Popular Facial Rejuvenation Procedures Around Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you are probably busy making some super romantic plans. Regardless of how you plan to celebrate the day, nothing can make it more special than feeling great and confident in your own skin. When you visit The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery, you can be sure that you will leave… Read More »

Cosmetic Breast Surgery After 40

Breast implants are some of the most commonly requested procedures in any plastic surgery office. But it’s not just younger women who are interested in breast augmentation—many women over the age of 40 are also interested in enjoying the procedure’s many benefits. Women who are past childbearing age, and seeking not to spend their later… Read More »

Is Weight Loss Your New Year’s Resolution? What’s Next When You Lose the Weight?

Few things in life are as transformative as losing weight—especially when it’s a significant amount. For many of us, our weight defines how we feel about ourselves and how we believe others view us. Our body image influences how we interact with others and how confident we feel at work and in public. We all… Read More »

It’s Winter Time, Be Kind to Your Skin. How You Can Protect Your Skin This Holiday Season.

The long, hot days of summer are gone, and another cold, dry, and wintery holiday season is ahead. The challenge you now face is preparing for the cold weather while continuing to enjoy that glowing, gorgeous skin when winter hits. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to care for your skin during… Read More »

Should I Consider Breast Augmentation After Weight Loss?

Imagine the joy of losing a significant amount of excess body weight and achieving a great figure but then feeling dismayed by what weight loss has done to your breasts. Many women who lose weight end up with loose skin, sagging, flattened breast contours, and smaller breasts. Because our skin loses elasticity as we age,… Read More »