Can Breast Reduction Really be Scarless?

Breast reduction is a safe and highly successful means of reducing cup size while creating proportional areolas and lifting the nipples to a natural placement. Breast reductions can also create symmetry and can be cosmetic, reconstructive, and most often a mixture of both.

Our patients choose to undergo breast reductions for a variety of reasons, primarily to reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain and or any irritation in the skin crease due to moisture retention. Many women also complain of bra straps leaving indentations in the shoulders due to breast weight.

Many of our patients come to us asking if “scarless” breast reduction procedures are possible. Below, we’ll break down why there is no such thing as a truly “scarless” surgical procedure of any kind. That being said, we’ll also look at how we can help you speed up healing and reduce the appearance of any visible scarring over time.

Eventually, with the proper care and a bit of luck, your scars very well may become almost fully “invisible” to the naked eye.

Mythbusted: No Such Thing as “Scarless”

Regardless of what breast procedure or technique you choose (augmentationbreast lift, implant removal, or breast reduction), your surgeon will need to make an incision of some kind–and that incision will leave a scar.

What often get’s sold (falsely) as “scarless” procedures in fact use advanced suture techniques that in the right masterful hands can result in incredibly fine-lined scarring for most patients. At the Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery, we approach every procedure with the goal of creating minimal scarring while ensuring the safety and efficacy of your operation.

Skin is Unique, So is Scarring

Even when utilizing the most cutting-edge surgical techniques and minimizing incision size, a surgeon cannot guarantee how your skin will heal or scar. Countless factors go into how the body responds to surgery. Everything from your skin’s elasticity, age, type, length, and depth of the incision, how you typically scar, and so much more come into play.

Generally, your scar will naturally fade over time if cared for properly. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to upkeep a proper routine to maximize healing and reduce the visible appearance of any scarring.

Helping Scars Heal: At Home and In-Office

Taking an active and realistic approach to scar maintenance is your best route towards minimizing visual signs. Avoiding direct sun exposure and applying sunscreen and vitamin-e creams to the affected area daily can be a huge help. If you’re interested in pursuing a stronger grade topical, we can discuss prescription options.

Aesthetic medical technology also has come a long way in recent years when it comes to treating scars. Today, we have several treatments available that minimize scarring and speed along the healing process. Laser treatments have opened many new doors, offering patients a clear road towards less visible scarring.

In particular, vascular laser treatments are quite effective in reducing a variety of skin concerns. Treatments not only reduce scarring, but they can also address stretch marks, unwanted spider veins, and uneven skin tone without any need for surgery or more invasive procedures.

By using a high-tech handpiece, your technician will target your chosen area and deliver pulses of light energy. Your skin absorbs these pulses, stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms and encouraging increased rates of collagen and elastin regeneration. Over time, you’ll notice an ongoing improvement in both the quality and texture of your skin after just one session.

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