COVID-19 Policies


We have instituted and reinforced several policies for your safety as we continue to provide care during the pandemic. We are monitoring updates regularly and following guidance from public health officials as new recommendations occur. Please visit for more information.

Office Cleaning:  Cleanliness and sterility have always been top priority in our medical care environment.  We are dedicated to thoroughly cleaning all surfaces between each patient.  In addition, we are cleaning all door handles throughout the office and at entrances to the office throughout the day to minimize possible contamination of those surfaces.

Staff and Patient Screening: We screen all staff daily for COVID-related symptoms and temperature.  Patients undergo the same screen.  To minimize the chances of exposure for all, anyone screening positive or having temperature over 99.4F will be asked to leave the office and contact their primary care physician immediately.

Illness/Respiratory Symptoms:  We ask that you not come to the office if you are experiencing symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, or upper respiratory symptoms. Please contact your primary care physician for further care, and if you feel you are seriously ill, call 911.   If your visit cannot be postponed, please contact us so that we can make alternative accommodations.

Masks:  It is a fact of our current life that we will all need to be in masks when in public spaces for the foreseeable future.  Our staff will be masked if in direct contact with you, and we ask that you wear a mask or cloth face covering when entering our office.  If your care requires your face to be exposed and you cannot wear a mask, we will work with you to minimize exposure as much as possible.

Patient Flow/Schedule:  We have greatly reduced our patient schedule in order to minimize your contacts when you come to us for care.  Please be patient.  We have extended hours in order to accommodate both urgent and elective care visits, but it is possible we will not be able to see you in the time frame or at the time of day you may prefer.  We are encouraging virtual visits where appropriate to reduce the number of people in the office while still providing consultation services and post-operative follow up. If at any time you feel that your care requires an in person visit, please communicate that to our staff and we will accommodate you.

At Your Visit:   We are minimizing the number of people in the waiting room by keeping chairs spaced at an appropriate distance and asking that you leave family members in the car unless they must assist you getting inside.  We are attempting to minimize time spent in the waiting room and minimize the number of patients in the office at any given time.  We have hand sanitizer and soap and water available throughout the office for your use.  We have suspended water and coffee service.  Please be aware that the nature of most medical care will require us to be within 6 feet of a patient.  We are minimizing the number of staff in a room as safety allows.  If at any time during your visit you feel that you require more distancing, please bring it to our attention.

Our primary goal is the safety of our patients and staff. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our approach to care during the COVID-19 pandemic,

please call our office at 410-744-0900