Love My Results

My surgeon was phenomenal. Dr. Taghizadeh (Dr. Tag is what everyone calls him). At any point I knew if I had an issue, concern, or question I could contact him directly. Love my results from an Excellent plastic surgeon!!! 5 out of 5 stars Breast Augmentation and Tummy Tuck. Dr. Tag has an excellent personality and great communication skills.


Highly Recommend Dr. Tag

I was nervous going into it as this was my first surgery, but Dr. Tag and his team made the process incredibly easy and relieved me of any/all fears and hesitations. I knew that I wanted him to be my surgeon hands down just a few minutes into my consultation. He truly listened to what I wanted, and gave me exactly what I wanted. He was also there along the way to answer any questions I had, and his responsiveness to follow up questions was phenomenal. If (when!) I do it again, I will definitely use Dr. Tag and highly recommend him to all who want an easy process with incredible results!


Highly Satisfied

Dr. Tag has the best “bed side manner” & professionalism. Makes his patients feel very comfortable. I am highly satisfied with my experience not only from my phenomenal results but also from the care I was given by every member of my surgeon’s team. I have never seen such a well ran office/practice. Dr. Tag saw me every appointment I had, even checking in when he didn’t need to. He takes your thoughts, wants, and feelings all into consideration but reiterates that safety is at the utmost importance. He is very much so a perfectionist, but in the best way possible. He doesn’t cut corners on anything and you will get quality service throughout the whole experience.