Exercising After Breast Augmentation

Fitness is a big part of the lifestyle of many women, and if you’re considering breast augmentation, you might be concerned about losing your defined abs or gaining weight while you recover from your procedure. The good news is that by watching your diet and eating healthy, nutritious meals and following your plastic surgeon’s recovery recommendations, you’ll soon be back to your usual exercise routine and showing off your new, sexy contours!

At The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons are committed to helping you through your speedy recovery and achieving optimal results. Keep reading to learn all about how to exercise following your breast augmentation surgery.

How Long After Breast Implants Can I Exercise?

It can be challenging facing several weeks of not exercising following surgery. However, when recuperating from a surgical procedure—like breast augmentation—restricting physical activity is critical for minimizing your risk and ensuring proper healing.

How Should I Work Out After Breast Augmentation?

It would be best if you tried to start light walking immediately after your surgery—nothing too vigorous—simply short walks every hour or two. This activity helps boost circulation and prevents blood clots.

After two weeks, you can take on more intense cardio activities like walking on a treadmill or cycling on a stationary bike. Once accustomed to these exercises, you may move on to using a stair stepper or elliptical machine.

Lower-body weight-training exercises such as lunges and squats are encouraged later on your recovery timeline, and you may need to wait a little longer before beginning upper-body exercises. Always consult with your doctor regarding the type of exercises you should consider after your particular surgery.

After a month, you should be able to resume most exercise except heavy lifting. At six weeks, patients are generally completely healed and can continue all exercises.

How Does Exercise Affect My Implants?

As a general guideline after breast augmentation, especially with implants under the muscle, it is recommended that patients avoid strenuous chest exercises such as push-ups, as these could result in the implants dropping or becoming displaced over time.

Post-Operative Exercises

It’s essential to get your arms and shoulders moving again after breast augmentation. Exercises reduce the side effects of surgery and help get you back to your usual activities. If exercises previously within your capability suddenly prove too difficult, rest for a few more days before trying again.

Here is a selection of exercises you can try, starting with five repetitions and gradually building up to ten. Make sure to consult with your surgeon before performing these.

Shoulder Rolls: With shoulders relaxed, slowly roll your shoulders forward and then backward.

Shoulder Wings: With your hands on your chest, raise your elbows out to the side.

Arm Circles: Stand with your arms relaxed, alternating sides, lift one arm out from your side, and slowly make small, counter-clockwise, and then clockwise circles.

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