Find Out Which Facial Is Best for You

Whether you are looking for a pick-me-up for your skin or trying to rejuvenate your appearance for an event, exploring popular facials can help you attain your goals with ease.

At The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery, our seasoned professionals can help you resolve specific concerns through specialized facial treatments. Continue reading to learn more about our gold-standard facial procedures and how they can help you obtain healthy skin.

For Redness and Irritation: Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness across your face. This flushing effect takes place due to visible blood vessels. Rosacea can also cause irritating acne. By getting a rosacea facial treatment, you can calm your skin, reduce its redness, and flaunt a refreshed look that ebbs the redness away.

For A Refreshing Feeling: Hydration Treatment

If you feel that your skin is getting dry due to everyday exposure to harmful environments, you can show it some care by getting a hydration facial treatment. This procedure combines ingredients from popular facial treatments that make it fit for dry, combination, and oily skin alike. As a result, you can make your skin appear healthier and softer through an easy approach.

For Hyperpigmentation and Fine Lines: Alpha Beta Peel Treatment

When it comes to facials, the Alpha Beta Peel often stands out. It combines key skincare ingredients called alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids (BHAs). Through this combo, the treatment removes dead skin cells from your skin and reveals a healthy glow that is a sign of happy skin. The facial also works wonders for reducing fine lines and dark spots.

For Acne and Congestion: Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment

Acne at any age can be a confidence killer. If you are facing this issue in the form of angry red pimples across your face, you can go through the deep pore cleansing treatment that eradicates sebum or excess oil from your skin. It also shrinks enlarged pores and gives your skin the hydration that it needs to calm and prevent breakouts in the future.

For Pigmentation and Sun Damage: Brightening Treatment

If you have started developing dark spots and fine lines over your skin due to sun damage, a brightening treatment might be exactly what you need. This practical and popular facial treatment targets pigmentation and dryness caused by sun damage. You can enjoy an enriched appearance that highlights an even skin tone and boosts your skin’s natural healing properties.

For Acne, Pigmentation, and Fine Lines: 3-Step Peel Treatment

If you are facing multiple issues that irritate your skin, cause breakouts, and lead to wrinkles as well dark spots, the 3-Step Peel can help. Containing specially-formulated ingredients, the 3-Step Peel can resolve your concerns in a single treatment. In turn, you can flaunt calm and nourished skin that steers clear of unnecessary redness, spots, and surface lines.

Find Out More About Getting Trendy Facial Procedures in Baltimore or Columbia, Maryland

With various effective facial treatments to choose from, it can get difficult to pick an option that is the right fit for you. Fortunately, our experts will help you find a treatment that targets your specific concerns without any compromise. Schedule your consultation at The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery by calling us at (410) 744-0900 or messaging us on our website today.