How A Lower Body Lift Can Give You The Silhouette You Want

Those who have accomplished a significant weight loss goal may struggle with sagging skin and stubborn fat. A lower body lift can drastically correct these factors using skin and fat tissue removal techniques to reshape and tone the body.

You might be wondering if a body lift is worth pursuing or will give the results you want. A body lift can improve your appearance, as it is a cosmetic intervention that can successfully remove unwanted fat and sagging skin. Diet and exercise alone cannot reverse these issues, especially if you are already at your target weight (most candidates should be for this procedure).

If you are local to Baltimore or Columbia, MD, you have the opportunity to work with an expert board-certified plastic surgeon at The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery. Read on to learn more about lower body lifts and how experts like those at The Maryland Institute can improve your body contour.

What Do Lower Body Lifts Achieve In Results?

The goal of a body lift is to restore the body’s shape in a balanced and sculpted way so that the physique shows natural-looking results. Your surgeon will consider how your size, shape, and weight will influence the procedure. Your individual needs will be considered while your surgeon develops a comprehensive plan for your body lift.

Once the lower body lift and tailored cosmetic interventions have been completed, the patient will then be able to see their natural shape. Without excess skin and fat, the natural physique and body contour are revealed. Techniques like lower body lifts can give the patient the toned results and overall silhouette that they have always wanted.

What Techniques Are Used For Lower Body Lifts And Contouring?

Some of the techniques included in a body lift are liposuction, abdominoplasty, butt lifts, thigh lifts, etc. Collectively, these procedures may be used together to create a customized lower body lift tailored just for you. Our experts at The Maryland Institute understand that such significant procedures lead to lasting results in that patient’s self-esteem. For this reason, patients should work only with board-certified experts with the skillset to complete body contouring procedures adequately.

Things To Consider Before The Procedure: Know The Procedure Goal

Understand that lower body lifts include different techniques depending on the specifics needed for each patient. The surgeons you work with may have recommendations to go over with you before deciding on a treatment plan. Sometimes, fat injections are also used to create more balance after removing skin and fat tissue. The overall goal of the body lift is to treat the target areas and restore balance to the silhouette and contour of the body. Advocate for yourself by asking to see before and after photos that your surgeon has available for these procedures.

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