How Can I Expect My Neck Lift to Look Over Time?

You probably weren’t paying much attention to your neck until you began posting selfies on social media or started participating in those Zoom video calls for work. When you finally noticed all those lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin, you probably weren’t too happy with what you saw. If you now find yourself trying to hide your neck with clothes, long hair, or carefully placed lighting at your computer, you can stop. At The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer the neck lift, a procedure that can tighten the loose skin and fat and restore a youthful neckline, making it look both youthful and graceful.

What Are the Benefits of a Neck Lift?

Any positive change you make to improve your appearance that enhances your confidence will positively impact your life. Apart from the emotional benefits of a surgical neck lift, your neck will look better, and you’ll feel happy with your notably younger appearance.

Are Wrinkle Creams and Anti-Aging Serums an Effective Alternative?

Topical products like wrinkle creams and anti-aging serums might improve your skin’s hydration, but they cannot effectively halt the aging process. Yes, you can find many formulas designed to address saggy, loose, and wrinkled neck skin and décolletage, but how sure can you be that they will provide the results you’re looking for? A surgical neck lift that has helped many patients improve their appearance, increase their self-confidence, and enjoy long-lasting results in the process.

How Long Does a Neck Lift Last?

When you undertake neck lift surgery to tighten and tone your neck, you can expect semi-permanent, long-lasting results that dramatically improve your neck’s appearance. However, it cannot override genetics or gravity’s effects and stop aging in its tracks. Nothing can.

How Do You Extend Your Neck Lift Results?

There are proven ways you can extend your results to maintain your youthful-looking neck for as long as possible, and we’ll outline these below. These include simple lifestyle changes and improvements and alterations to your daily habits that will go a long way in maintaining your beautiful, youthful-looking neck for years to come.

While topical products can’t address sagging skin the same way that neck surgery can, they sometimes can play a role in maintaining your neck’s youthful look post-surgery. During your consultation with our plastic surgeons and staff, you’ll learn about the best topical products to use – those with nutrient-rich ingredients that will keep the skin on your neck healthy and hydrated and preserve your results that much longer.

Consider Your Posture

When you are constantly leaning forward at your desk or looking down at your phone, you force the skin on your neck to crease, leading to wrinkles and horizontal neck banding. Try developing the habit of holding your phone at eye height and sitting upright at your computer with your shoulders pulled back and chest pushed forward.

Focus on a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Follow a balanced diet that limits your sugar and sodium intake.
  • Avoid smoking, since it can damage your skin and result in premature aging.
  • Apply sunscreen to all exposed skin on your face and neck, protecting yourself from sun damage – the leading cause of premature aging.

Ready to Take the Next Step Toward a More Youthful Look in Maryland?

You don’t have to live with a neck that makes you feel older than your years. With our four board-certified cosmetic surgeons, The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery team looks forward to helping you with your decision to invest in a neck lift that meets your expectations.

Give yourself the gift of improved self-confidence, and call our practice at (410) 744-0900 to schedule your consultation. You can also reach out and contact us through our website with questions or to request more information.