I’m Afraid BOTOX® Will Make My Face Feel Frozen | BOTOX® Myths Debunked

BOTOX® has paved its way to become one the most popular cosmetic procedures today. Countless people have been swept away by BOTOX®’s remarkable results. Like all popular things, numerous stories have developed around it. Sadly, not all of these tales are true. Some are untruthful rumors that continue to persist to this day. These misconceptions stop other people from getting BOTOX® due to fear. But behold! The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery is here to debunk these myths.

BOTOX® Will Make My Face Feel Frozen

BOTOX® works by blocking the signals sent by the brain to the muscles. It prevents muscles from contracting, which then smooths out the wrinkles in the face caused by muscle contraction. This mode of action has been widely misinterpreted as leading to a frozen-looking face, but it won’t. When administered by a certified practitioner, BOTOX® will not affect facial expressions. Smiling and laughing will be the same, except you will look more amazing with BOTOX®.

BOTOX® Is Not Safe

BOTOX® has been studied for years, and has passed several clinical trials before it has been allowed to be used by the public. With the right doses and an experienced practitioner, this procedure is totally safe. BOTOX® is FDA approved, and contains such a low dose of botulinum toxin that it’s completely safe.

BOTOX® Is Extremely Painful

The injections used for BOTOX® have super fine needles that don’t penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. The discomfort is minimal that is frequently compared to a mosquito sting.

BOTOX® Is Addictive

BOTOX® doesn’t contain any addicting substances. However, many patients tend to fall in love with its effects, thus they go back for a re-do when BOTOX® starts to wear off. BOTOX® is not addictive, rather, it is a remarkable product patients love to use for maintaining their youthful look.

BOTOX® Is Only Used for Wrinkles

BOTOX® has several uses other than diminishing the visibility of wrinkles and lines. The same product is also used for treating chronic migraines, as well as a cure for excessive sweating.

Learn More About BOTOX®

BOTOX® is an astonishing product that also bears multiple use. Proven effective to defy the signs of aging, this product is also completely safe. Now that the myths about BOTOX® have been debunked, you may now have overcome your fears for this product use. If you’ve been longing to get a BOTOX® treatment, now is the time to try the procedure. Begin with your transformation, look younger and rejuvenated with BOTOX®. Give the Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery a call.