Plastic Surgery Recovery During the Summer

The summer season is a perfect time to do a variety of activities: travel, learn a new language . . . even pursue that plastic surgery procedure you’ve been putting off.

It’s true: many patients choose to schedule surgeries during summer months. Why? For starters, everyone wants to look and feel their absolute best for swimsuit season. However, it also seems like a great time for students, teachers, and anyone with extra vacation time to finally go through with that tummy tuck or breast augmentation, as they’ll have ample opportunity for recovery.

For your benefit, the Maryland Institute has put together this article for anyone who may need some tips or advice on how to recover from plastic surgery in warmer weather. Though you may be presented with a few challenges, the rewards are even more exciting and beneficial!

As mentioned above, summertime seems to be a period when many people find free time in their schedules. For example, teachers and college students generally have a few months off, and parents are given breaks from picking their kids up from school or running them to sporting events. Also, there’s no better time than summer to sit by the pool or in a cool, air conditioned home while recovering from your procedure.

Of course, summertime generally means more sun and heat, so it may be uncomfortable with all of the bandages and compression garments you’re often required to wear post-surgery. And though you may want to sit outside, it’s recommended you avoid both the sun and water, as both can be damaging to your body. Specifically, scars and incisions are susceptible to the sun, even more so than regular skin. If you’re in the sun too long, your surgical scars could become permanently darkened. Not to mention, this would be an extremely inconvenient and painful time to get a sunburn.

Regardless, in the summer heat, remember to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is important, as doing so can help speed along the recovery period, and help to reduce unappealing post-surgery symptoms.

Summer won’t be the only thing that’s hot this season! Contact the Maryland Institute today for a consultation by calling 410-744-0900. Whether you’re searching for a facelift, liposuction, or a neck lift, they’ve got all the options you need to feel your best!