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Baltimore Forehead LiftWhy is a Forehead Lift performed?

The effects of aging are unavoidable, and often the forehead is first to show the effects of the sun, wind, and the downward pull of gravity. As we age, our skin loses elasticity, resulting in frown lines, wrinkling across the forehead, and an increasing heaviness of the forehead and eyebrows.

The primary goal of a forehead lift is to smooth the forehead and correct both the deep lines, furrows, and forehead creases in the forehead, and raise the eyebrows. As the eyebrows are raised, elevating the skin and removing the extra tissue, a smoother forehead contour is created together with a more alert and youthful appearance.

More than correcting the sagging or a lowered position of the eyebrows, the procedure can also help reduce deep horizontal creases in the forehead and frown lines between the eyebrows. Our patients find that a forehead improves the appearance of their upper eyelids, making their upper face appear more rested, alert, and youthful while maintaining a natural look.

A forehead lift will restore a youthful appearance by elevating the eyebrow and correcting the deep creases, whereas BOTOX® injections will only temporarily treat forehead lines caused by movement of the underlying muscles. The possibility of addressing both concerns will be discussed during your consultation.

What Are the Benefits of a Forehead Lift?

A forehead lift is a facial plastic surgery that improves the brow line and smoothes the forehead features, creating a more youthful appearance and, in the process, will:

  • Reduce wrinkles that appear across the forehead, bridge of the nose, and between the eyes
  • Reduce frown lines, which are the vertical creases that often appear between the eyebrows (also known as the “11s”)
  • Lift sagging eyebrows causing hooded upper eyelids
  • Reposition the eyebrows to a higher, more youthful-looking position

Your Forehead Lift Consultation

If you’re considering a forehead lift, scheduling a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeons will be the first step on your cosmetic journey. During your initial consultation, your concerns and goals will be evaluated, and we’ll discuss the various options available, creating a customized plan for tissue tightening and brow improvement.

You are encouraged to bring old pictures to the consultation to evaluate your aging patterns as we plan your forehead lift to restore your natural appearance. Our goal is to provide a natural-looking rejuvenation that retains your unique facial appearance. During your consultation, you can also obtain additional information about forehead lift costs and financing options.

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Your Forehead Lift Surgery

A forehead lift can be performed with a variety of techniques, including:

  • Endoscopic through small incisions in the scalp area
  • Lateral brow lift through small incisions in the lateral scalp areas
  • Full traditional brow lift with an incision in the hairline region.

While our most popular procedure is the endoscopic forehead lift, we will discuss which technique is best suited to address the issues discussed during your consultation. The technique chosen will depend on your hairstyle, the location and amount of lift, and the location of the resulting scars.

The same precautions regarding medications are suggested as for a facelift:

  • Advil, Aleve, aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin, and Naprosyn are to be avoided for two weeks before the procedure
  • High dose vitamins and herbal medications are also to be avoided before the procedure
  • Blood pressure medication should be taken as usual before the procedure

Your forehead lift is performed in the hospital using either general anesthesia or IV sedation. The procedure takes about 1-2 hours to perform, but this could vary if other facial procedures such as a facelift are performed at the same time. Following the procedure, your face, forehead, and scalp are wrapped with gauze.

Since this is an outpatient procedure, you will need someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours following the procedure.

What Can I Expect in Recovery After My Forehead Lift?

Most patients are fully mobile the day following brow lift surgery, but you should plan to take 5-7 days for recovery before you return to work. Sutures are removed during the first two weeks following your surgery.

You can expect some bruising and swelling for the first few days, but this will fade over time until it is scarcely noticeable in about 2-3 weeks. After 4-6 months, the last of the remaining swelling will disappear, and your skin will tighten up comfortably into its new form.

Heavy lifting or strenuous activity is to be avoided during the first month.

Procedures that Complement a Forehead Lift

Many of our forehead lift patients choose to combine this procedure with other facial plastic surgery treatments like facelift or eyelid surgery. The advantage of combining procedures is that you’ll only require a single recovery period while receiving the benefits of a comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Forehead Lift Surgery

Am I a good candidate for a forehead lift?

As a question that can only be answered during a consultation, a forehead lift is suggested for patients with sagging or drooping of the eyebrows, forehead wrinkles, heaviness near the base of the nose, and hooding of the upper eyelids.

A forehead lift can be considered if the patient:

  • Has normal blood pressure or hypertension that is well controlled
  • Is a healthy nonsmoker within twenty pounds of their ideal weight
  • Motivated by a personal desire to look better

How long will the results of my forehead lift last?

While the surgery won’t stop the aging process, the life-changing results of your forehead lift are long-lasting, and patients can realistically expect their results to last 5-10 years. However, wrinkles and sagging skin will eventually reappear as your skin continues to lose elasticity with age. In addition, the effects of the sun and gravity will continue to accumulate over time.

Over time, you might consider additional nonsurgical treatments, such as laser resurfacing, to keep the upper portion of your face young-looking.

How do I know if I need eyelid surgery to complement my forehead lift?

Drooping upper eyelids, which can make you appear tired even when you are fully alert, can sometimes result from sagging, loose skin of the eyebrows. During your consultation, it can be discussed whether an eyelid lift would benefit you and should you consider combining both procedures.

A forehead lift will tighten the skin of the upper eyelids as it elevates the eyebrows. When performed after upper eyelid surgery, less skin is removed than would have been the case before upper eyelid surgery.

Can I have BOTOX® injections instead of a forehead lift?

BOTOX® can be an excellent alternative to a forehead lift, making it possible to elevate the eyebrow. However, since the results of BOTOX® last 4-6 months, the effects are not as dramatic or as long-lasting as actual surgery. These details should be discussed at the time of your consultation to determine the best course of treatment.

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