Having excess submental fat, also known as a double chin, can be frustrating. It can make you look older or heavier than you truly are, blurring the distinction between your jawline and neck. To make matters worse, unwanted fat in this area is often genetic and will not respond to diet and exercise, which means you could still have a pocket of fat under your chin even if you are living your healthiest lifestyle.

On the bright side, scientific breakthroughs are helping advance the field of aesthetic medicine, providing people with a wider range of options for improving their appearance. The latest product to make waves in the realm of cosmetic treatments is Kybella® – the world’s first and only injection that permanently dissolves fat cells in the targeted area under the chin.

How Does Kybella® Work?

Kybella® is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, which your body’s digestive tract produces naturally to help break down the dietary fat you consume. When one of our skilled injectors introduces Kybella® through the muscle into the submental fat layer beneath your chin, the acid goes to work killing fat cells through a process called lysis. In the weeks that follow, your lymphatic, immune and circulatory systems will naturally and permanently break down and dispose of the cellular waste – all with no need for incisions, stitches, or recovery downtime.

Kybella® injections also prevent the area under your chin from being able to store or accumulate fat, so you can expect to enjoy a slimmer, better-defined jawline, chin, and neck profile long after you achieve your goal appearance.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Kybella® Injections?

If your chin, neck, and jawline are a source of frustration for you, but you do not want to commit to other invasive  double chin removal techniques, you may be well-qualified to get Kybella® treatments.

The best candidates for Kybella® double chin removal have inherited their tendency to accumulate submental fat from their parents. Kybella® will be less effective in people who have developed a double chin as a result of weight gain. Younger patients with greater skin elasticity are also good candidates for this procedure.

Safety and Side Effects of Kybella®

The FDA approved Kybella® for cosmetic use in early 2015, after the product completed a rigorous series of clinical trials to ensure its safety and effectiveness. Currently, Kybella® is only federally approved to treat the chin, jawline, and neck area.

Common side effects, such as swelling, bruising, and redness can be treated at home with ice packs and over-the-counter pain medictions. Swelling may initially make your chin look more prominent. However, swelling results from Kybella® actively breaking down the fat cells, so that’s a sign your treatment is working.

Preparing for Your Kybella® Treatments

Kybella® injections are a quick, convenient double chin removal procedure that fits easily into even the most hectic lifestyle. We perform the treatments in either our Baltimore or Columbia office, and they take less than half an hour to complete. If you prefer, you can go back to work immediately after getting Kybella®.

At the Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery, we take every measure to ensure patient safety and comfort, including the use of a topical numbing cream for Kybella® injections. We also use a tiny needle to inject Kybella® to minimize discomfort even further.

Getting the Best Outcomes With Kybella®

As the body gradually flushes out the dead fat cells, you can look forward to seeing progressive improvements for several weeks after your first Kybella® injection. Depending on how much fatty tissue has accumulated under your chin, you may get the best results from scheduling a series of Kybella® injections several weeks apart. We will determine what level of treatment is right for you during an in-office evaluation.

Once you are finished getting your double chin removal treatments, the fat cells under your chin and jaw will not return. There’s no maintenance to worry about, other than taking the necessary steps to remain within a stable body weight. If you gain weight, Kybella® injections will not prevent the formation of new fat deposits.

Schedule Your Kybella® Injections Today

At the Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery, we stay abreast of all the latest tools and techniques for keeping our patients throughout the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. areas looking their best, including minimally invasive treatments like Kybella® injections. If you’re ready to banish your double chin for good and improve the appearance of your neck and jawline without surgery, contact us to book an appointment for a personal consultation with one of our four experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeons.