Refresh Your Spring Skincare Routine With These Tips! | Baltimore, MD

Spring is fast approaching, which means you’re looking forward to a fresh, clean look, slipping on those new sundresses, and having lots of fun in the sun.

As you prepare for warmer weather, it’s time for you to transition to a new spring skincare routine. After all, spring is where your skin takes center stage. You want it to look and feel fresh, healthy, radiant, and attracting compliments from all around.

While you work through these helpful spring skincare tips, plan on visiting The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery. Our licensed esthetician, Terri Doan, would be happy to offer additional advice based on your skin type and lifestyle and may even recommend one or more of her expertly administered facial treatments to refresh and brighten your skin.

Exfoliate Your Skin

The cold, dry winter air has left your exposed skin chapped and flaky. It would help if you remedied this quickly since your new wardrobe will having you showing a lot more skin in the warmer weather.

Exfoliation will help you shed the old, dry skin, revealing a fresh, new layer underneath the dead skin cells. Not only does exfoliating remove dirt and dead skin cells, but it also helps keep your skin looking bright and healthy.

Always keep in mind that exfoliating can make you more susceptible to sunburn. You’re probably exfoliation at least once a week but be cautious not to overdo it. If overdone, your skin can be thinner, more fragile, and more vulnerable to sun damage.

Protect Yourself With Sunscreen — Indoors or Out

Never underestimate the damage harmful UV rays, and excessive sunlight can do to your skin.

Protect your skin with a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater, and remember to reapply it every two hours. Not only can it reduce your susceptibility to sunburn and wrinkles, but it can protect you from long-term damage in the form of sunspots and discoloration.

As an additional tip about sun protection, consider wearing wide-brimmed sun hats. Not only do they lessen the burden on your sunblock by providing natural shade, but they are fun to wear and add some summer flair to your outfit.

Swap Your Winter Moisturizer for a Water-Based One

Since your skin retains more water during the warmer months, spring is an excellent time to switch to a lighter moisturizer. Better still, consider a water-based product as this will help you avoid  over saturating your skin and clogging pores

Hydrate and Eat Healthy

Drinking adequate amounts of water throughout the day will help you to retain your skin’s youthful glow. Add to this healthy tip by choosing foods rich in antioxidants. Some of the most delicious antioxidant-rich foods include raspberries, blueberries, spinach, nuts, green tea, and dark chocolate.

Prepare for Your Allergies

If you’re affected by allergies such as those caused by pollen, you already know that it can result in red, puffy, and irritated skin.

With your physician’s help and the appropriate use of medications, prevent allergy flare-ups during the spring and avoid any disruption to your skincare routine.

Need More Skincare Tips?

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