Skin Tightening or Surgical Arm Lift: Which Is Better for You?

We constantly change – it’s what makes us human. As we gain experience and live our lives, we get stronger, grow wiser, and can bring even our wildest dreams to life. Over the years, our body changes too, in some areas more than others.

It’s completely natural for our skin to become slightly less elastic, especially after a significant weight fluctuation or as we enter our later years. For some people, these changes can be more significant and can get in the way of feeling and looking your best. At The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery, we believe everyone should be able to look their best and wear what they want without worry.

Luckily, today there are a variety of options to address skin laxity or “bat-wing” arms. It can be hard to figure out which one is best for you. In recent years, more and more of our clients have come to us asking whether they should choose a skin tightening procedure like CoolSculpting or a surgical arm lift to help them look younger and feel more confident.

The short answer? It’s different for everyone. But, there are some useful facts worth considering as you make your decision. And remember, you’re not alone. Our expert, board-certified team of doctors and clinicians are here to help you through every step of your journey.

Skin Tightening Via CoolSculpting: A Technological Wonder

Celebrities and beauty bloggers alike have begun flocking to med spas that offer CoolSculpting – for a good reason. This FDA-approved fat reduction treatment freezes and destroys surface-level fat cells using a state-of-the-art applicator. Over time, your body naturally flushes these dead cells away, leading to a subtly trimmer and tighter figure.

CoolSculpting is an ideal fit for patients with firm, toned skin who are already close to their goal weight, but who are looking for that last bit of help to get rid of stubborn fat pockets. If you’re hoping for more dramatic and transformative results, however, CoolSculpting alone can’t cut it, especially when it comes to toning and tightening the arms.

If you have excessive loose skin on your upper arms, CoolSculpting can remove the surface layer of fat but won’t address the root of your issue. Instead, we recommend you consider a surgical arm lift (or brachioplasty), which allows your surgeon to carefully remove excess skin, creating a contoured look. Modern surgical advances mean you’ll only face minimal downtime, and any scarring will be easy to conceal.

Arm Lift – Significant Results in a Single Visit

Even alongside skin tightening, exercise, dieting, and weightlifting don’t have the power to tighten skin that’s lost its elasticity. We, on the other hand, do. At The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery, you’ll work with our expert team of surgeons to build a one-of-a-kind treatment plan to contour your arms for a trimmer, tighter, youthful appearance.

We customize each procedure to fit and compliment your natural anatomy and aesthetic goals. If necessary, we can also combine your arm lift with liposuction to remove excess deposits of fat.

It’s worth noting that brachioplasty is best for patients who are already close to their ideal weight. If you’re planning to lose a significant amount of weight soon, we recommend waiting to schedule your procedure in case the weight loss causes further skin laxity.

Arm lifts only take about two to three hours, and we often combine them with other procedures like a tummy tuck or BOTOX®®. During the procedure, your doctor will make a small incision on the underside of the arm. We do our absolute best to choose a placement that’s easily concealable, and over time, your scar will fade.

After surgery, most patients take about two weeks off from work to recover. Within the first three days, you’ll be able to shower again and begin going about light activity around the house. After four to six weeks, you can return to heavy lifting and rigorous exercise. Results will continue to refine over the first four to six months and are permanent, though you can still gain weight over time if you don’t maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

Schedule Your Arm Lift Consultation

The best way to determine if an arm lift is right for you is to schedule an in-person consultation at either our Baltimore or Columbia office. We’ll discuss your questions, goals, and concerns and help determine what the best path forward is.

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