10 Great Tips on How to Make Your BOTOX® Last Longer

As we age, we all develop frown lines, crow’s feet, and other wrinkles in areas with frequently used muscles like the forehead. BOTOX®, a neuromodulator, is a great way to slow down and help reverse these signs of aging. Once you start receiving carefully targeted injections of BOTOX®, a skin-smoothing neurotoxin, you will typically need… Read More »

Is Eyelid Surgery or BOTOX® Better?

As we age, sometimes we are surprised when the signs of aging begin to show up in the mirror, in our social media posts, or during those ubiquitous video meetings. However, there are several ways to manage your appearance as you age, starting with something known as “hooded eyes.” Here, the upper eyelids look heavy,… Read More »

What Facial Areas Can Be Treated with BOTOX®?

There is no secret to avoiding wrinkles. As early as age 20, you could start seeing horizontal forehead lines appearing on the mid-to-upper forehead caused by habitually raising the eyebrows. While you probably noticed them the first time in the mirror, you now find them distracting while video-chatting with friends, colleagues, or even customers. In… Read More »

Why Millennials Are Loving BOTOX®

Social media is everywhere. We live in a time where our image is central to our self-confidence, and how we look could take precedence over our personality. Currently, with younger people having a reputation as the “selfie generation,” it’s no surprise they’re opting for cosmetic procedures in the hope of achieving that perfect look. The… Read More »

Is It Possible to Speed Up BOTOX® Results?

The anti-aging results of BOTOX® are well-documented by now, but what is less well-known about this seemingly miraculous product is how long it takes to see the results. Many people mistakenly assume they can get BOTOX® one day and wake up the next morning looking noticeably younger and more refreshed. However, it can take five… Read More »

These Alternative Uses for BOTOX® Will Pleasantly Surprise You

When you think about BOTOX®, you probably immediately think about its efficiency as an anti-aging treatment to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. While it’s true that the most popular and well-known use of BOTOX® is to help eliminate existing wrinkles and prevent new ones from forming by creating short-term muscle paralysis, many people… Read More »

I’m Afraid BOTOX® Will Make My Face Feel Frozen | BOTOX® Myths Debunked

BOTOX® has paved its way to become one the most popular cosmetic procedures today. Countless people have been swept away by BOTOX®’s remarkable results. Like all popular things, numerous stories have developed around it. Sadly, not all of these tales are true. Some are untruthful rumors that continue to persist to this day. These misconceptions… Read More »