10 Skincare Resolutions for the New Year

Now that 2021 is finally coming to an end, it’s time to embrace the new year and the incredible opportunities it has for all of us. If you find that there’s a lot you’d like to change in the new year, you’re not alone. Before you start making resolutions, however, take a moment to reflect… Read More »

10 Amazing Skin Benefits From Drinking More Water

Do you drink enough water every day? Staying adequately hydrated is vital for your overall health, not to mention your skin. The adult human body is 60% water, and your blood consists of 90% water. Drinking enough water benefits the whole body in millions of ways — from flushing out toxins, to preventing acne, to… Read More »

5 Fall Skin Care Tips To Try This Season

With the warm air of summer gradually giving way to cooler fall temperatures, the Plastic Surgeons and staff at The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery want to help their patients smoothly transition into the new season. During the fall, the length of the day rapidly decreases in Baltimore, Maryland, and the cooler air brings a… Read More »

A Nighttime Beauty Routine for Busy Moms

You’re a mom and are first to admit that you barely have enough time to take care of your kids, let alone yourself.  However, as a mom, you know it’s essential to take a few minutes every day to care for your skin. After all, you are more than a mom—you are a woman. Your… Read More »

Refresh Your Spring Skincare Routine With These Tips! | Baltimore, MD

Spring is fast approaching, which means you’re looking forward to a fresh, clean look, slipping on those new sundresses, and having lots of fun in the sun. As you prepare for warmer weather, it’s time for you to transition to a new spring skincare routine. After all, spring is where your skin takes center stage…. Read More »

Caring for Your Skin Beneath Your Face Mask

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed day-to-day life around us in so many different ways. We, just like everyone else in the world, have had to adjust many aspects of our lives to strive for a better state of public health. One of the most ubiquitous and visible changes of our strange new world is the… Read More »