Take Better Selfies, with Kybella®

Taking the perfect selfie is harder than it looks. Between finding the right angles, lighting, and poses, it can be almost impossible to enhance your good attributes while hiding your less-than-good features, like a double chin. Aren’t you tired of having to resort to photo trickery to get excellent selfies? To get the real thing, it might be time for you to get Kybella®, the ultimate nonsurgical treatment for the double chin.

Why Kybella®?

From having to awkwardly tilt your head forward or having to press your tongue to the roof of your mouth, there are a lot of tricks you can do to hide a double chin or make your neck look longer in a picture. But, it you can look good for more than just a photo—its time you look amazing in real life. With just a few small injections, you can finally get rid of that dastardly double chin and have a permanently sleeker, slimmer jawline. Whether you want a more rugged jawline or a picture perfect profile, Kybella® is the way to go.

Kybella® Benefits

Kybella® is, simply put, revolutionary. It’s the very first prescription injectable that permanently eliminates a double chin. It’s made out of this fat burning material that, once it’s injected under the chin, destroys the fat that causes the double chin. Even if it doesn’t require a single incision or suture, Kybella® results are completely permanent, so you can enjoy that sleek new chin forever. Let’s look at some more benefits for Kybella®:
• Nonsurgical, doesn’t require downtime
• Procedure takes minutes to perform
• Makes you look younger
• Helps you look more athletic

Does It Hurt?

Since it’s delivered by a small needle, Kybella® is a relatively painless procedure that only takes a few minutes to perform. If you’re still worried about any discomfort, you can have the treatment area completely numbed. Unlike other procedures that hassle you with long, painful recoveries, Kybella® is fast, easy, and simple.
So enjoy some new poses for your selfie and experiment with some new camera angles—Kybella® is here is your chance to open up your selfie possibilities. Want your Kybella® treatment done with the highest levels of safety by a master injector? Contact the Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery now, for a consultation.