Why Millennials Are Loving BOTOX®

Social media is everywhere. We live in a time where our image is central to our self-confidence, and how we look could take precedence over our personality. Currently, with younger people having a reputation as the “selfie generation,” it’s no surprise they’re opting for cosmetic procedures in the hope of achieving that perfect look.

The eagerness to post and share photos of themselves at every occasion and viewing themselves through a camera lens means they are willing to see themselves differently. What’s more, the stigma of “having work done” no longer exists. In some circles, enhancing your beauty through invasive and noninvasive procedures can even boost your social status.

To keep up with filters, facial modification, and Photoshop apps, more of our younger patients are rushing to get BOTOX® and dermal fillers than ever before. They are now old enough to start noticing the first signs of aging, where mild or moderate wrinkles or frown lines make an appearance.

Perfect Timing

Despite being a younger demographic, millennials find themselves perfectly poised to try out injectables for the first time. They’re between the ages of 24 and 39, which is the prime time for the formation of dynamic wrinkles. Lines begin to form on your face starting at an early age from repetitive muscle contractions caused by regular, everyday facial expressions. As time progresses, these facial lines and wrinkles get deeper and more pronounced, which is why the best time to take care of wrinkles is when they first appear in our 20s and 30s.

Millennials are also aware of the importance of keeping an attractive public image, be it in an Instagram post or a LinkedIn profile picture. They want to look their best, and they’re aware of the ways cosmetic enhancements can help achieve this.

BOTOX® is a neuromodulator based on a highly purified version of botulinum toxin, which works by relaxing facial muscles that form wrinkles through repeated muscle contractions. Habitual expressions that cause these wrinkles include frowning, squinting, or raising the eyebrows, all of which frequently happen in daily life. By using BOTOX® earlier, before these muscles have time to encourage the development of deep lines, you can help prevent wrinkles from forming in the first place, which is the driving purpose behind BOTOX® use by millennials.

A Low-Cost Treatment

When considering cosmetic treatment, cost is one of the essential factors for millennials. Cosmetic procedures are notorious for being expensive, especially when follow-up treatments are necessary. However, in contrast to other cosmetic procedures, BOTOX® ® is relatively affordable.

The board-certified cosmetic surgeons at The Maryland Institute of Plastic Surgery are highly skilled and experienced in providing BOTOX® injections to improve the appearance of your moderate to deep forehead and eye area wrinkles.

Considering BOTOX® for Even Better Selfies?

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